Marriage Preparation Resource Pack

altCatholicCare is the Diocesan agency which is responsible for coordination of marriage preparation in the Diocese of Broken Bay. The Diocese of Broken Bay expects that those wishing to be married in the Catholic Church should participate in a formal marriage preparation program. Marriage preparation programs assist couples to fully understand the importance of the commitment they are making. Research shows that people who undertake preparation in this way are more likely to have healthy lifelong relationships.

The Diocese of Broken Bay Marriage Preparation Resource Pack can be obtained by contacting your parish Priest or Parish office or CatholicCare's Waitara Family Centre or Gosford Family Centre. Within this resource pack you will find information on five marriage preparation programs:

Each one is different in their approach, methodology and cost. Some are more parish-based; some involve working with other married couples; some involve weekend live-in experiences and others require participation over a longer period of time. Enrolment details are included in the information pack.

The contents of the Marriage Preparation Resource Pack are listed below. Some are available for download or a complete pack can be obtained as described above.